Back in Boston!

It’s been 9 exciting and long months but I’m finally living back in Boston!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored my time in Australia, and Rhode Island will always be home to me, but I am completely and irrevocably in love with Boston.

(I can quote Twilight if I want to.)

Not only am I living in Boston, but I’m living in a great apartment with one of my very best friends I missed very much and it’s right in the center of campus!  Our apartment is fantastic.  It has a bedroom with two windows, a study with our desks for serious academic work, a big open living room and a little kitchen for all my cooking.  Not to mention three closets for hiding the bodies all our clothes and storage.  It’s pretty perfect.

On move-in day we found out that our apartment is hot as balls.  Bringing my 8 tons of crap belongings up the stairs and rearranging every piece of furniture made my  family lose about 5 lbs. But we gained it all back when went to lunch at my favorite Boston burger place, Tasty Burger.  It was worth it.  After I bid adeiu to my parents my roommate, Lisa, and I had a huge rager WOO SENIORS! our own dance party and played Heads Up with our friends.  That’s my life. 

stay gold & love Boston,


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