13 Things That Make Me Really Angry

1. My blankets being pulled off
There’s no reason for this kind of torture.  I get that I’m not a morning person, but you’re better off waking me up by blasting the most annoying song of all time and hitting me with a rolled up newspaper than pulling my blankets off me.  My bones are made of pure stubborn and I will bitterly lie in bed in defiance.

2. Birds
loading gun
They are untrustworthy, evil creatures and deserve no mercy.

3. Spoilers
anger (2)
Here are the Official Spoiler Rules.  If you break any of these rules, you’re dead to me.

4. When the toilet flushes before I’m ready
anger (5)
Did it look like I was done?  Sorry, but I think wiping is important.

5. Misuse of “literally”
really (3)
Really? Were there literally a million people in Starbucks? Because I’m pretty sure the maximum capacity isn’t even 1,000.

6. When I lose a sneeze
stare down
Where did it even go?

7. People eating my food
punch you in the face
That’s a surefire way to lose a hand.  If you eat my food you either didn’t ask or completely disregarded my answer because
my answer is always no.  Either way, you will feel my wrath.

8. Nazis
anger (6)
Seriously, what are they all about?

9. ATM machine
anger (4)
Do you need to go to the automated teller machine machine? No, because that’s not a thing and you’re an idiot. (see also: PIN number, VIN number, LCD display and BU BUS)

10.  George R. R. Martin
anger (7)
What happened in your childhood that made you become a man who can only find happiness in other people’s pain and misery?

11. Movie actors/actresses on book covers
Just no. Brad Pitt isn’t in a book

12. When people cut me in line
angry knife
I’ll cut you back.

13. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
anger (8)
The #1 reason for trust issues, probably.  What’s the point of a cookie that appears to have chocolate but doesn’t? Disappointment and broken dreams.


2 thoughts on “13 Things That Make Me Really Angry

  1. There ought to be a law that requires that oatmeal cookies be clearly labelled as containing raisins and not chocolate.

    Better yet, there ought to be a law that oatmeal cookies contain chocolate chips. And maybe no oatmeal.


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