Winter Break

I haven’t posted during winter break because I was:

a) packing for a trip back to Australia
b) volunteering in a third world country and bettering the world
c) studying up and preparing for next semester
d) lazy

Let’s just think of my lack of posting as a winter hiatus. The important thing is that I’ll be posting again because I know you all have missed me so much, or haven’t even noticed I took a blogging break…either way I’m back.

Here’s what I did during my 4 week break:

  • Read

That’s it. I crawled deep into my cave of antisocial stagnation and hibernated there for a month. Even social media, which is just pretending to be social, was too social for me. I wasn’t even a person, I just morphed into a Christmas cookie-consuming extension of my couch.

You couldn’t have been less productive than me if you tried. I didn’t even go on a Netflix binge like an average college student, I still have only seen one episode of Scandal. I walked away from break only slightly more knowledgeable about Greek mythology thanks to Percy Jackson (which I borrowed from my 11-year-old sister).

stay gold & see you when I morph back into a human (never),


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