7 Reasons I Should Be Justin Bieber’s Life Coach

Justin is going off into the deep end, it needs to stop and I think I could help.

1. I’m Not Afraid To Tell Him No

Teenage boys want to do really stupid things. Justin is a teenage boy, therefore he wants to do really stupid things; but no one stops him because he is who he is and he has more money than he knows what to do with. I am the oldest of four siblings and therefore used to saying no to really adorable children. I think I could handle saying no to a Canadian pop star.

2. I Care About Him
I’ve been a fan for years, I’m not going to be tweeting #FreeJustin but I’m still pulling for him. I clearly do not support his choices and am disappointed in the kind of person he is becoming, but Never Say Never Justin is still in there and I want to see him come back.

3. I Make Good Choices (usually)
make good choices
No on is perfect, but I’d like to think I have pretty decent moral standing and generally I choose to do the right thing. He needs some more good influences around him and less rappers who want to egg the neighbor’s house.

4. I Will Give Him A Break From The Media

I don’t even have 200 followers on Twitter. A step out of the limelight is more than overdo for the Biebz. He can just come and hang out with me in Boston, away from the media (or as away as Justin Bieber can get). He’ll stop tweeting, take a complete break from all media and actually pay attention to world around him.

5. I Can Give Him Perspective

Sure he wasn’t always famous and he and his single mom went through tough times when he was younger, but he was pulled out of the real world when he was just 14-years-old. Over the last 6 years I think he’s lost touch with the reality of life while he’s been living the life of the rich and famous. I’m not saying it’s easy going on a world tour and making albums, but he’s forgotten what it’s like to go without all the pleasures of life. He’s been able to get anything and go anywhere he wants since 2008. I don’t even like to splurge on a cannoli so I can save my money to go on one vacation with my friends.

6. I Know Stuff

I may not have a degree (yet) but I’m studying PR and psychology, both of which could benefit Justin right now. Not to say that I’m expert by any means, but I have enough basic and fundamental knowledge that I could help a brotha out.

7. He Doesn’t Know Me
JBiebz has a lot of people who take care of him: his mom, his manager Scooter, big bro Usher…but clearly whatever they are or aren’t doing to help is not clicking with him. Whether they’re trying to let him make his own mistakes and find his own way (it’s gone too far) or they have run out of ways to tell him the same thing (“don’t be an idiot”) it’s not working. While I may not have the most earth shattering advice (and criticism) for him, I’m a new face to him. Maybe somewhere inside me I have the exact words or exact smack upside the head that he needs to get him make a change for the better.


What do you think?

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