Bring It On Drinking Game

For some  ungodly reason the internet has been unable to provide an adequate drinking game for the cinematic classic Bring It On…until now. You’re welcome, world.

Take a drink…

Anytime someone says “Toros”
there must be some toros in the atmosphere

For  Big Red
big red

For cheer puns

When a new squad is introduced

Whenever male cheerleaders are ridiculed
Bring It On Boys

When males cheerleaders are inappropriate
bring it on male cheerleader

Every time Missy or Cliff mock cheer leading
bring it on 2

Cliff acts too cool for school and/or sarcastic
flip off

When the Spirit Stick falls
spirit stick

spirit fingers

And if you really wanna get turnt…

Anytime there’s cheering
Bring It On cheering

Now go have a good time.
Bring It On dance


What do you think?

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