The Spectacular Now: Book Review

The Spectacular Now book

Book: The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

Publisher/Year: Random House Children’s Books/2008

Genre: Romantic comedy/drama, YA

Rating: ♥ ♥ 

Who’s in the movie?
Miles Teller (21 & OverThat Awkward Moment)
Shailene Woodley (Divergent comes out next week and The Fault In Our Stars comes out in June…is there any YA book to movie adaption she’s notin?)
Brie Larson (21 Jump Street)
Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh from The Hunger Games)
Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor from Friday Night LightsZero Dark Thirty)

When can I watch it?
In 3-5 shipping days. It’s already released on DVD, you can get a copy here.

What’s it about?
Sutter Keely (Teller) is a high school senior who is all about living in “the spectacular now.” He has no plans for the future and couldn’t care less about going to college. Academics aren’t his thing, he just wants to have fun and party with his friends 24/7. He’s always the one to get the party going and he’s never without a drink in his hand. Everything is going well for Sutter (by his standards, AKA all fun and no work) until his girlfriend (Larson) breaks up with him leading him to drink away his sorrows and wake up on a stranger’s lawn.

Enter Aimee (Woodley). Sutter’s classmate (a social disaster) finds him on her front lawn and helps him get back home. Now Sutter decides to make Aimee his project and show her how to have a good time. He wants to show her how to be free and prosper. But Aimee isn’t like anyone else Sutter knows, and he’s soon in over his head.

What did you think?
I liked it less as I kept reading, not because the story got worse but because I got more and more frustrated as the book went on — I kept telling Sutter what to do and he kept not listening to me. It felt like he kept making the same mistakes again and again. I really wanted to him to learn from his past blunders and grow from them, but he refused to change. While it was really irritating that he would not change his ways, it was an important part of the story.

Although I wasn’t thrilled with everything that happened in the book, it was still pretty good. A lot of the issues I have with the book is that things didn’t happen the way I wanted them to, not that it was a bad story. I think the problem for me was that it was realistic and sad in ways that I wasn’t expecting. I went in thinking it would be a fun, romantic story but it was a bit heavier than I anticipated. If I had known what I was getting myself into I probably would have enjoyed it more.

Here’s the trailer, it doesn’t look half bad to me.

Should I read it?
Ehh, it’s really your call. I wouldn’t recommend against reading it but there are better books to spend your time with.


What do you think?

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