They Did It With Love: Book Review

The Did It With Love book coverBook: They Did It With Love by Kate

Publisher/Year: Plume/2007

Genre: Mystery

Pages: 336

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ – Above average

Is it going to be a movie? Nope.

What’s it about?
It’s “Desperate Housewives meets Agatha Christie.” Sofie and her husband leave their nice Manhattan apartment and move to the suburbs of Connecticut. Struggling to find her place in the suburbs, Sofie joins a mystery book club with Bree, Gaby, Susan and Lynette Priscilla, Susan, Ashley and Julia. Perfectionist Priscilla is the queen bee, host of the book club and everything happens the way she deems it will. Sweet Susan is Priscilla’s oldest friend most dedicated follower. Attractive Ashley is the youngest and strives for the acceptance of the other girls despite her young age and second wife status. Jaunty Julia appears to have it all: the perfect marriage, the perfect house, the perfect job, perfect looks, and an overall perfect life. But is everyone’s life as it ~*seems*~??? (No.)

But things get flipped turned upside down when one of the girls turns up dead (oh noOoOOooO). Now the women of Wysteria Lane some random street in a wealthy Connecticut suburb have a real life mystery on their hands and Sofie is determined to solve it. As her investigation deepens, the secrets of suburbia quickly start unraveling like a sweater off the clearance rack in Forever 21.

What did you think?
Short and sweet and a decent read. Intriguing enough that I kept want to read to find out everyone’s secrets and whodunit, but not as exciting or shocking as other mystery books (like Gone Girl). It’s a lot more Desperate Housewives than Agatha Christie which didn’t thrill me. I was hoping for more of a mystery thriller with a jaw dropping twist ending, but instead got a lot of suburban gossip with a mediocre ending. I love Desperate Housewives, so I probably would have liked it more if I knew that going into the book (but even so, it’s still not nearly as good as DH).

Should I read it?
Sure, I would recommend it but not emphatically. You can get a copy at Thriftbooks or Amazon.


What do you think?

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