The 19 Worst Things In The World

1. Getting stuck in traffic
stuck in traffic gif

2. When burgers don’t come with french fries

Who decided it was okay to deny basic human rights?

3. When the fries come with a goddamn pickle

fries with pickles

4. Hand sanitizer on open wounds

hand saniitizer

5. DVR cuts off the end of a TV show

watching TV and crying

6. Anaconda

I will never forgive Nicki Minaj for defiling an American classic.

7. Not breathing through your nose

stuffy nose
The ability to breathe through your nose is one of life’s treasures that goes unnoticed until it’s not there.

8. Cha Cha from Grease

cha cha digregorio from Grease dancing gif
A true villain.

9. People who find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive

Benedict Cumberbatch
…Why? It’s apparently a big deal and people are somehow finding themselves extremely attracted to him. But they are wrong, he is not attractive and here’s 917 people that are hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch.

10. People who talk to you while you’re reading

reading and looking annoyed
Can’t you see I’m occupied?

11.Country music

This makes me want to roll my window down and jump the f#$& out.

12. Warm toilet seats

warm toilet seat

13. Fake pockets

fake pockets

14. Brain freeze

Scrubs brain freeze
The only negative side effects of a Frosty.



Wet socks
The worst fate.

16. Static when your favorite songs comes on

happy then mad gif
Uhmm…I was listening to that.

17. When there’s too many people watching Netflix

locked out of Netflix
But I want to watch my show!

18. Three dot text bubbles

text 3 dot typing gif



19. When someone asks if you’re sick…and you’re not

tired face on phone
Thanks for asking but that’s just my face, I guess I’ll pretend I’m tired or something.


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