Proof That Rise Of The Guardians Is An Animated Avengers

It’s pretty much the same movie twice. Here’s a complete list of what The Avengers and Rise of the Guardians have in common (hint: it’s ~everything~).

*Spoilers ahead*

It’s about a rag-tag team of heroes

With a charismatic, rebellious smart ass…

An Australian-played stubborn, but good-meaning muscle…

A mild-mannered brain who is more powerful than he appears…


A token female…


Their ever optimistic leader…

And a mysterious man who calls the shots.

At first, the heroes don’t exactly play well together

But they come together and kick ass by the end

To fight the cunning, pale, dark-haired British villain

Who has an evil army.

Then there’s the couple everyone ships < 3

But actually Jelsa > Jack Tooth


The man lost in action : (


An object that produces blue glowing magic

And the guy who always ~*believes*~

Finally, they both have fun surprises during/after the credits roll.

Identical. You can’t even tell the movies apart. Case closed.


What do you think?

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