14 Reasons Taylor Swift Is The Real 2014 Person Of The Year

The Ebola Fighters” isn’t even a person, it’s like cheating.*

1. She dropped the most successful album of the year

1989 Taylor Swift album cover
Not only is 1989 the best album of her career, but it’s the best-selling album released in 2014. It also made her the first artist to have three albums sell more than a million copies in a week.

2. iTunes recognized 1989 as the Best Album of 2014

Taylor Swift Best Album of 2014 iTunes
Not that anyone was questioning it, really.

3. Billboard honored her as 2014 Woman of the Year

Taylor Swift white dress red lips

The award goes to the female artist who “has shaped and inspired the music industry with her success, leadership and innovation over the past twelve months.” And she’s the only artist to ever win the award twice. All hail Taylord.

4. She’s one of Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014

Taylor Swift
They’ll probably talk about her fascinating lyrics and even more fascinating life.

5. She invited 89 fans to her own home

taylor swift 89 fans ay home
Queen of Sparkles and All Things Beautiful Taylor Swift opened all four of her homes to 89 fans for Secret Sessions (advanced listening parties of 1989). AND PERSONALLY SERVED COOKIES.

6. Rolling Stone magazine never looked better thanks to TSwift

taylor swift rolling stone cover
Read about the “reinvention” of Taylor Swift, learn it, memorize it, worship it. *bow down to Taylord*

7. She totally gets feminism

Taylor Swift feminist quote blue dress
Preach, TayTay.

8. She’s basically a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Taylor Swift 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Look at her werk. Just give her the wings already. Have you even seen Taylor’s “Blank Space” performance??

9. She won Halloween

Taylor Swift Halloween 2014 pegacorn

10. Her Instagram game is on point

It’s closer than you think. Don’t sell yourself short, TayTay.

11. Her tweets reveal how super relatable she is

You can be anything you want. Especially if you want to be my best friend<3.

12. She dances on her own

She makes the moves up as she goes.

13. She released the best music video of all time

You want to call her a guy-crazy-serial-dater-psycho-girlfriend? THEN THAT’S WHAT YOU GET. Blank Space is amazing for 1,989 reasons but the top four are: magic, madness, heaven, sin.

14. This. Sick. Beat.

The musical magic that is “Shake It Off” is nominated for three Grammy Awards, had the largest debut sales week for a single of 2014, broke several chart topping records, and spent four weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (after spending eight weeks at No. 2) only to be replaced by “Blank Space” making her the first woman in history to succeed herself at the top spot. *Taylor style celebratory dance*

Taylord forgives you, Time. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate and she’s just gonna shake it off.
Taylor Swift blowing a kiss gif

*Obviously The Ebola Fighters deserve and earn any and every award honored to them. You can help fight Ebola too by donating to Ebola Outbreak relief.

You can also donate to slightly less noble cause and buy me VIP/concert tickets to see Queen Taylord herself when she graces Gillette Stadium with her magnificent presence.


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