The Most Ridiculous Plot Key Words on IMDb

Heist, romance, sports, betrayal, mystery, coming of age…these are all examples of what plot key words should be. Words that convey the most important plot points and themes in a movie. Now look at of these ridiculous plot key words IMDb uses to describe movies.

The Lion King
Hula dance, no opening credits, tastes like chicken joke, flatulence
the lion king movie poster
I love movies about taste like chicken jokes.

The Shawshank Redemption
Feet on desk, reference to National Geographic magazine, maggot, talking through bookshelf, three word title
The Shawshank Redepmtion poster

The Godfather
Elevator, orange peel, cat, Radio City Music Hall Manhattan New York, character appears in newspaper, horse
the godfather movie poster

The Dark Knight
Voiceover letter, homoerotic, text message, man wearing a wig, blocking a door with a chair, sitting
The Dark Knight movie poster

Pulp Fiction
Impersonating Buddy Holly, talking to one’s self in a mirror, slurping a drink with a straw, forming a square in the air, toaster
Pulp Fiction movie poster

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Thirst, coat, train, kindness, friendship
The Good the Bad and the Ugly movie poster

Schindler’s List
Shaving, what happened to epilogue, hiding in a closet, urination, mirror
schindlers list movie poster

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Lifting male in air, severed finger, swarm tactic, ferry boat, colon in title
first Lord of the Rings movie poster

Fight Club
Character repeating someone else’s dialogue, falling down stairs, title spoken by character, girl, severe tire damage, Ikea
fight club movie poster brad pitt soap

Star Wars
Character says “I have a bad feeling about this,” force choke, preemptive strike, incestuous kiss (blech), Wilhelm Scream, Stormtrooper, Millennium Falcon
Star Wars IV movie poster

College student, dream within a dream within a dream, walking up a wall, limbo, bathtub, aging, cyber punk
Inception movie poster Leonardo DiCaprio standing alone
It’s the best dream within a dream within a dream movie I’ve ever seen.

Forrest Gump
Calling someone an idiot, telling someone to shut up, bus stop, character repeats narrator’s words, feather, legless man
Star Wars IV movie poster

Real life mother and daughter playing mother and daughter, kicked in the face, insult, actor shares first name with character, lion, gun in panties
GoodFellas movie poster

The Matrix
Wearing sunglasses inside, black trench coat, ringing telephone, punched in the ribs, slow motion scene, technology gone amok
The Matrix movie poster
Actually, that’s pretty much what this movie about.

se7en movie poster

The Usual Suspects
Reference to Albert Einstein, reference to Loch Ness Monster, reference to Lee Harvey Oswald, reference to Pope John Paul II
The Usual Suspects movie poster

The Silence of the Lambs
Lights suddenly go out, female senator, small dog, pay phone, fat girl, reference to Hannibal Lecter
The Silence of the Lambs movie poster
I love movies that reference characters in the movie.

It’s A Wonderful Life
African American woman, advice from bartender, contraction in title, partial deafness, handshake
It's A Wonderful Life movie poster

Conversation with character playing piano, piano, pianist, piano player
Casablanca movie poster
Is there a piano in this movie?

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Boulder, whip, fear of snakes, female tied up, dead monkey, hat wearing heroes
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark movie poster
Again, not a bad summary.

Scantily clad female, spoken inner thoughts, obscene finger gesture, nude fight, hanging up without saying goodbye
Memento movie poster
Hanging Up Without Saying Goodbye: A Grandmother’s Memoir

The Departed
Ice cream parlor, man with glasses, menstruation, beeper, leather jacket, blood on shirt
The Departed movie poster

Back to the Future
Tearing page out of a phone book, kiss reveals absence of love, 555 phone number, hanging from clock, underwear
Back to the Future movie poster


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