Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Prepare yourselves (by binge drinking watching seasons 1-4). Season 5 is coming.

game of thrones wine

Take a sip every time…

Jon is called a bastard
Kit Harington

Daenerys says “Khaleesi”
daenerys stormborn targaryean

Swords are drawn
game of thrones sword

A Lannister drinks
Cersei more wine

Someone mentions The WallThe Wall Game of Thrones wallpaper

Someone is naked
game of thrones naked

Someone is stuck with the pointy end (or otherwise injured)Game of the Thrones

Dragons or eggs appear on screen
dragons game of thrones

Joffrey has to remind everyone he is the king
i am the king gif

“A Lannister always pays his debts”
Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister

“Lord” or “grace” is said
game of thrones your grace

Someone who dies appears on screen
oberyn martell gif
*crying forever*

Tyrion outsmarts someone
cersei and tyrionclever tyrion

“Winter is coming”
Ned Stark

Finish your drink…

When someone is beheaded : (
beheaded gif

Khaleesi Daenerys

Take 87 shots… 

Before the Red Wedding so you’re dead and never watch any of it happen

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