$1 Beard Night

Q: What is better than going to a Red Sox game?

A: Going to a Red Sox game for FREE.

It’s (probably) a scientific fact that things are better when they are free.  In honor of Red Sox players embracing their beards (I’m looking at you Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli), Fenway had a special $1 Beard Night.  Anyone who showed up with a beard, real of fake, had the opportunity to buy a ticket to that night’s game for $1!  So, we showed up with our beards and our dollar bills and got in line behind many other dedicated, bearded fans.  PLOT TWIST: The tickets were not $1, they were completely free!

My friends and I walked into Fenway expecting cheap nosebleeds in the bleachers and we were happy for it.  Surprisingly, our tickets were for the grandstand behind home plate! They were great seats despite having an “obstructed view” (stupid, support beams).  But if you ask me, it’s always a good seat if you’re in Fenway.

At the end of the first inning we were all watching a montage of awesome plays and fans on the jumbo tron when the most magical timing in the history of the world happened.  My friend, Megan, said “I wish I was in montage” and then I said, “I wish was in a montage too!” THEN I WAS IN THE MONTAGE.  It was a flawless moment.  Last season my friend and I were on the jumbo tron when were doing spectacular choreography to “Love Shack” and now it’s in a montage that plays in Fenway Park!  It’s like I’m at every Red Sox home game.

At the end of the seventh inning, my friend who works for the Red Sox came out and took all of us up to the Green Monster.  THE. GREEN. MONSTER.  For those of who don’t know, Green Monster seats are coveted by all of Red Sox Nation.  When we got up on the Monstah it was just in time for the middle of the eighth inning AKA time for “Sweet Caroline.” Joining thousands of fans in a Fenway Park tradition from the best seats in the house was beyond incredible.  In that moment, I swear, we were infinite.  After “Sweet Caroline,” I got watch five innings with the greatest view in all of Boston.  There is nothing like watching baseball from the top of the Green Monster.

Even though my boys lost in extra innings, it was one of the most electric nights of my life (including that time I saw Nick Carter hip thrust).  It’s also worth mentioning that now the Red Sox have the American League East title.  This is important mainly for two reasons: 1. THE RED SOX OWN THE EAST; 2. I am officially not bad luck for the Red Sox!  Since I moved to Boston (with the exception of this year) the Red Sox have not made it to the playoffs.   I was seriously concerned that I was going to have to leave Boston because I certainly could not keep the Red Sox from October baseball indefinitely.  Thankfully, that is not the case.  My beloved Red Sox are going to the playoffs and I can stay in Boston!

stay gold & go Sox!