51 Questions For Game of Thrones


1. Where is Gendry?
2. He’s still alive, right?
3. Is he still on that boat?
4. If not, what shore was blessed with his arrival?
5. Is he coming back?


6. Will he see Arya again?
7. Will he be king?
8. Is the Red Woman/Stannis going to find him try take all of his powerful blood?
9. When is his powerful king’s blood going to kill Walder Frey?
10. Does Gendry hold the secrets of the world?
11. Is he with Drogo?
12. Does he like green eggs and ham?
13. Does he like them here or there?
14. Does he like them anywhere?
15. For real where is Gendry?

Gendry Panic Attack

16. Also where are Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog?
17. Weren’t they heading over to the Last Hearth to stay with The Umbers over a season ago?
18. Why haven’t they gotten there yet?
19. If Samwell Tarly, Gilly and baby Sam can get from Bran to The Wall in one episode why can’t Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog get the Last Hearth in a season?
20. But really. In what world is Sam, Gilly and a baby more efficient than a Stark, a wildling and a direwolf?
21. Isn’t Osha worth at least 5 Sams?

Osha and Rickon

22. Are they dead?
23. What could have killed them? They have a direwolf.
24. Are they with Gendry?
25. Is Gendry a blacksmith for the Umbers?
26. Have they all actually been safe at the Last Hearth this time whole time?
27. Are they in The Matrix?
28. Did Osha get lost?
29. Did Shaggydog eat Osha?
30. Did Shaggydog eat Gendry?
31. Is Shaggydog going to be king?

Shaggydog direwolf

32. Did the writers forget about Gendry, Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog?
33. Did George R. R. Martin?
34. Did everyone?
35. Did Drogo kill them?
36. Are any of them coming back?
38. Is Rickon hiding in Winterfell again?
39. Is Rickon pretending to be dead again?
40. Do they know about Robb? (RIP, still crying)
41. Does Rickon like green eggs and ham?
42. Would he eat them in a box?
43. Would he eat them with a fox?
44. Where. Is. Gendry.

45. Is he getting refreshments?
46. Is he tall?
47. Is he getting Mike and Ikes?
48. Oh, he likes Mike and Ikes?
49. Is he hefty?
50. Is he coming back?
51. Where Gendry at?!


[Correction: I have been informed that Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog were headed to seek safety with the Umberes in the Last Hearth, not with Jon at Castle BlackI forgot because I refuse to rewatch this episode because of the Red Wedding.]


Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Prepare yourselves (by binge drinking watching seasons 1-4). Season 5 is coming.

game of thrones wine

Take a sip every time…

Jon is called a bastard
Kit Harington

Daenerys says “Khaleesi”
daenerys stormborn targaryean

Swords are drawn
game of thrones sword

A Lannister drinks
Cersei more wine

Someone mentions The WallThe Wall Game of Thrones wallpaper

Someone is naked
game of thrones naked

Someone is stuck with the pointy end (or otherwise injured)Game of the Thrones

Dragons or eggs appear on screen
dragons game of thrones

Joffrey has to remind everyone he is the king
i am the king gif

“A Lannister always pays his debts”
Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister

“Lord” or “grace” is said
game of thrones your grace

Someone who dies appears on screen
oberyn martell gif
*crying forever*

Tyrion outsmarts someone
cersei and tyrionclever tyrion

“Winter is coming”
Ned Stark

Finish your drink…

When someone is beheaded : (
beheaded gif

Khaleesi Daenerys

Take 87 shots… 

Before the Red Wedding so you’re dead and never watch any of it happen

My 5 Spirit Animals

Your spirit animal is meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have. I’m indecisive and have a few different sides to me so I couldn’t pick just one. Here are my 5 spirit animals:

Koalas sleep 18-22 hours a day and when they wake up they eat and then go back to sleep. They sleep so much because the foods they eat literally do not give them enough energy or nourishment to stay awake. Koalas look so cuddly and cute but they actually have razor sharp claws and can be really aggressive; they’re very territorial and do not like to be messed with. If you replace every “koala” with “Briana,” pretty much everything here remains true.

Goldfish don’t have stomachs, so they are never “full.” As long as there is food available, they will eat it. Goldfish will literally overeat themselves to death. No further explanation needed.

While this isn’t necessarily 100% scientifically accurate, it’s a great (pseudo) fact. Almost everything makes me panic and stress out, and I have been known to say a few dramatic things here and there. Therefore, octopus = spirit animal #3.

The kid in the Totino’s Pizza Rolls commercial

Let’s count the ways Totino’s Pizza Rolls Kid is my spirit animal.
1. “Mom, we’re dying.” -TPRK. I call my mom all the time and ask pretty much everything about having a functional life because I can’t do anything on my own. Also, I’m a bit dramatic (see: Octopus, above).
2. TPRK cannot see the pizza rolls that are right in front of his face. Despite being placed in Hufflepuff on Pottermore, I am not a particularly good finder. I’ve lost my phone and pen under my own butt, and have stared directly at the thing I am looking for an almost infinite amount of times.
3. Finally, TPRK leaves his phone in the freezer after he takes out the beloved pizza rolls. I leave my phone everywhere and then can’t find it (see: #2). “Can you call my phone?” will likely be written on my tombstone.

According to this quiz my animal personality is the wolf. Apparently, “wolf people are known for their strong instincts, sharp intelligence, and their appetite for freedom.” The wolf is also associated with tight bonds with family and close friends, and a tendency to feel threatened because of its lack of trust in itself and others. Most importantly they’re the symbol for the Starks, so I’m basically in House Stark. #THENORTHREMEMBERS

What’s your spirit animal?

13 Things That Make Me Really Angry

1. My blankets being pulled off
There’s no reason for this kind of torture.  I get that I’m not a morning person, but you’re better off waking me up by blasting the most annoying song of all time and hitting me with a rolled up newspaper than pulling my blankets off me.  My bones are made of pure stubborn and I will bitterly lie in bed in defiance.

2. Birds
loading gun
They are untrustworthy, evil creatures and deserve no mercy.

3. Spoilers
anger (2)
Here are the Official Spoiler Rules.  If you break any of these rules, you’re dead to me.

4. When the toilet flushes before I’m ready
anger (5)
Did it look like I was done?  Sorry, but I think wiping is important.

5. Misuse of “literally”
really (3)
Really? Were there literally a million people in Starbucks? Because I’m pretty sure the maximum capacity isn’t even 1,000.

6. When I lose a sneeze
stare down
Where did it even go?

7. People eating my food
punch you in the face
That’s a surefire way to lose a hand.  If you eat my food you either didn’t ask or completely disregarded my answer because
my answer is always no.  Either way, you will feel my wrath.

8. Nazis
anger (6)
Seriously, what are they all about?

9. ATM machine
anger (4)
Do you need to go to the automated teller machine machine? No, because that’s not a thing and you’re an idiot. (see also: PIN number, VIN number, LCD display and BU BUS)

10.  George R. R. Martin
anger (7)
What happened in your childhood that made you become a man who can only find happiness in other people’s pain and misery?

11. Movie actors/actresses on book covers
Just no. Brad Pitt isn’t in a book

12. When people cut me in line
angry knife
I’ll cut you back.

13. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
anger (8)
The #1 reason for trust issues, probably.  What’s the point of a cookie that appears to have chocolate but doesn’t? Disappointment and broken dreams.