51 Questions For Game of Thrones


1. Where is Gendry?
2. He’s still alive, right?
3. Is he still on that boat?
4. If not, what shore was blessed with his arrival?
5. Is he coming back?


6. Will he see Arya again?
7. Will he be king?
8. Is the Red Woman/Stannis going to find him try take all of his powerful blood?
9. When is his powerful king’s blood going to kill Walder Frey?
10. Does Gendry hold the secrets of the world?
11. Is he with Drogo?
12. Does he like green eggs and ham?
13. Does he like them here or there?
14. Does he like them anywhere?
15. For real where is Gendry?

Gendry Panic Attack

16. Also where are Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog?
17. Weren’t they heading over to the Last Hearth to stay with The Umbers over a season ago?
18. Why haven’t they gotten there yet?
19. If Samwell Tarly, Gilly and baby Sam can get from Bran to The Wall in one episode why can’t Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog get the Last Hearth in a season?
20. But really. In what world is Sam, Gilly and a baby more efficient than a Stark, a wildling and a direwolf?
21. Isn’t Osha worth at least 5 Sams?

Osha and Rickon

22. Are they dead?
23. What could have killed them? They have a direwolf.
24. Are they with Gendry?
25. Is Gendry a blacksmith for the Umbers?
26. Have they all actually been safe at the Last Hearth this time whole time?
27. Are they in The Matrix?
28. Did Osha get lost?
29. Did Shaggydog eat Osha?
30. Did Shaggydog eat Gendry?
31. Is Shaggydog going to be king?

Shaggydog direwolf

32. Did the writers forget about Gendry, Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog?
33. Did George R. R. Martin?
34. Did everyone?
35. Did Drogo kill them?
36. Are any of them coming back?
38. Is Rickon hiding in Winterfell again?
39. Is Rickon pretending to be dead again?
40. Do they know about Robb? (RIP, still crying)
41. Does Rickon like green eggs and ham?
42. Would he eat them in a box?
43. Would he eat them with a fox?
44. Where. Is. Gendry.

45. Is he getting refreshments?
46. Is he tall?
47. Is he getting Mike and Ikes?
48. Oh, he likes Mike and Ikes?
49. Is he hefty?
50. Is he coming back?
51. Where Gendry at?!


[Correction: I have been informed that Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog were headed to seek safety with the Umberes in the Last Hearth, not with Jon at Castle BlackI forgot because I refuse to rewatch this episode because of the Red Wedding.]