A Definitive Ranking Of One Direction’s Music Videos

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

9. “Gotta Be You”

I need to start off with a disclaimer: all of these videos are great. Just because this one is bringing up the rear doesn’t negate it’s greatness, there’s just some really stiff competition.  All the boys look adorable and oh so charming dressed up in their winter wardrobe (that I wouldn’t mind sharing with them), but that’s really the best thing the “Gotta Be You” video has to offer.

8. “What Makes You Beautiful”

Disclaimer #2: this is not a ranking of songs, otherwise this would obviously be much higher on the list, it’s all about the video.  This video makes you want to drive around and hang out at the beach with your five best foreign friends with the most FHP (future hot potential).

7. “Story of My Life”

This video hits you right in your feels. Who doesn’t love recreations of family photos? No one. Because they’re great.  This video is filled with recreations of family photos.  Therefore, this video is great.  Transitive property.  Boom, math.

6. “One Thing”

What’s not to love about the boys running amok around London?  It’s so wonderful that you really have to watch it at least five times (one time focus on each guy, obviously) to make sure you catch each and every moment of greatness.

5. “Best Song Ever”

Cinematic classic.   It has the most “boyband dancing” we’ll likely ever see from One Direction (because they’re pretty bad dancers in the most amazing kind of way). But the best part of video can be summed up in one word: Marcel.

4. “Little Things”

Black and white. Liam and Niall playing guitar.  No girls, so it’s like the boys are singing just to you. I. Can’t. Handle. It.

3. “Live While We’re Young”

ALERT: WE HAVE REACHED FHP.  This is arguably the most attractive the boys have looked as a whole.  And has anyone ever done more fun doing anything than the people in this music video? No, because this is most fun anyone has ever had in the history of the universe.  Also the combination of Zayn, Harry before all his stupid tattoos, Zayn, big balls, this dance, and Zayn is killer.

2. “One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)”

Because of when Niall frolicked like this niall

when Zayn seduced you with his eyebrows like thisZayn

when Louis hip thrusted like thislouis hip thrust

when Liam lead a conga line like this lialm

and when Harry was the cutest thing since Marcel. Harry
And it was for charity.  Because Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry are great humans.

1. “Kiss You”

SO TELL ME GIRL IF EVERY TIME WE TO-O-UCH YOU GET THIS KIND OF RU-U-USH — oh, sorry did you say something? I can’t hear you over the sound of watching this perfect music video 7,348,234 times.